About CalBuilt

About Us

Calbuilt got its headstart in LED as a team of “LED developers” who have been accustomed to retrofitting LED from existing fixtures containing traditional light sources.

This paved the way for a new demand on “specialty LED” for performance illumination and decorative elegance. LED integration for various applications is our specialty and we build right in the heart of Southern California.

We are committed to American made sustaining talented California craftmanship. We pledge to develop LED without compromising quality and reliability. We persevere to create solutions meaningful to the community of users and future generations. We dedicate our designs to environmental preservation to lessen dependence on new power plant capacities, at the same time, tie into alternative energy. We aim to utilize and raise American industrial productivity and lessen dependence on overseas manufacturing. Being self-sufficient helps us cut down product development time to provide better support and improve customer service. This is our way of creating value for LED users.

Providing better understanding to of LED compared to traditional light sources is our goal.Understanding LED characteristics and limitations is our highest priority that allows us to cater to the customized design needs and specifications requirements of architects, interior and lighting designers. Our LED developers will assist you in adopting LED to your outlined concepts and create speedy turnaround on your projects.

Transcending from traditional halogen, fluorescents, HID to LED have had shortcomings that can now be conquered. Some of these new breakthrough in LED include costs, color temperature, CRI, brightness, power, efficiency, longevity and reliability.